Academic council



Relevant section No. of the Act 13 (1)

S. No

Provision of the Section

Name of Person

Term (year/ period of nomination)

1 The Vice-Chancellor  Dr. G. L. Keshwa Ex-officio Chairman
2 The Director Research  Dr. Pratap Singh Ex-officio member
3 The Director, Extension Education  Dr. K. M. Gautam Ex-officio member
4 The Director, PM&E  Dr. Mamta Tiwari Ex-officio member
5 The Director, Students Welfare  Dr. M. C. Jain Ex-officio member
6 The Director, HRD  Dr. K. N. Ojha Ex-officio member
7 The Chairpersons of all faculties  
8 The Deans of all constituent colleges  Dr. L. K. Dashora Ex-officio member
9 The Controller of Examinations  Dr. I. B. Maurya Ex-officio member
10 The university Heads of all the departments from each faculty (from teaching campuses only not below the  rank of Associate Professor)
  • Dr. M.C.Jain, Professor & Head, Fruit Science
  • Dr. I.B. Maurya, Prof. & Head, Veg. Science
  • Dr. S.K. Jain,  Prof. & Head, PHT
  • Dr. Ashutosh Mishra,   Prof. & Head,                 Flori. & Landscaping
2 years
11 One teacher of the Professor rank from each Faculty to be nominated by the Vice-Chancellor on rotational basis
  • Dr. H.R. Chaudhary, Prof. Entomology
2 years
12 One eminent Agricultural Educationist from outside of the University Dr. A. K. Vyas, ADG (HRM) ICAR 2 years
13. Under section 13 (2) of      A. U. Kota Act, 2013. Four persons to secure adequate representation of different sectors of agriculture and allied fields 1. Dr. Mamta Tiwari, Professor;     Home Science     2.Dr. K. M. Gautam, Professor,Agril.Engineering      3. Dr. Prahlad V.C.,Asstt. Prof Silviculture & Agroforestry         4. Dr. M. K. Garg,               Asso. Prof.    Animal Science 2 years
14 The Registrar, Member  Sh. Siyaram Meena Ex-officio member
15  The Director of Education, Secretary Dr. L.K. Dashora , Prof.

Note :

 Frequency of meeting as per the university Act  : Once in every  four months

Date of last four Regular Meetings Held : 19.02.2014, 7.07.2015, 26.02.2016, 04.06.2016, 23.09.2016