कृषि अनुसन्धान केन्द्र उम्मेदगंज, कोटा पर सरसों (21 है.) तथा चना (14 है.) फसलों की विभिन्न किस्मों की कटाई, थ्रेशिंग, बोरियाँ भरना तथा गोदाम मे स्टेक लगाना इत्यादि कार्य ।

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Estate Office: E – Tender for various Civil construction works

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Estate Office: 1. Manufacturing of Conference Wooden Table for Training Hall at Agriculture University, Kota and 2. Providing and fixing Cupboard Shutters at Girls Hostel, Agriculture College, Ummedganj, Kota

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A.U., Kota: Tender for the procurement of Computer all in one, Printer laser jet (multifunction) and Photocopier (coloured)

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Innovation Plan for Hi -Tech Horticulture, NAHEP, C.H. & F., Jhalawar: Invitation for Quotations, for the Procurement of  Bund Former and Power Boom Sprayer.


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