Directorate of Prioritization, Monitoring and Evaluation

The Director, PM&E is responsible for planning, coordinating, monitoring and evaluating need based production oriented agricultural research, both basic and applied, at the research stations and sub-stations as well as the teaching campuses. The objectives and Activities are as below-

  1. To prepare overall perspective development plans both long-term and short-term, Five Year Plan, the Annual Plans, Special Projects, etc. pertaining to the University, including teaching, research and extension, campus development and financial management, in consultation with the Deans/Directors, Comptroller, Chief Engineer and other concerned officers of the University, for the effective and balanced use of resources.
  2. To evaluate the broad activities of the university i.e. teaching, research, extension and administration and suggest improvement.
  3. To maintain linkages with the State Government departments, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, State Agricultural Universities, Govt. of India and other organizations in the best interest of the University.
  4. The monitoring cell of the University was framed to look after the accountability and monitoring of all the academic, administrative and financial issues of the University.
  5.  Evaluation is the systematic process of collecting and analyzing information   in order to determine whether and to what degree the objectives of a programme or project have been, or are being achieved