Directorate Of Research

The Directorate of Research, A.U. Kota is situated  at Borkhera farm, Kota. It plays an effective role in achieving the desired research goals, augmenting resource mobilization and maintaining a close liaison with the line departments of the State, I.C.A.R. and other R&D organizations of the country. The major role of the Directorate Of Research (DOR) is to provide a systematic and coordinated approach to Agricultural Research Station and Agricultural Research Sub Stations. The major research work in agro-climatic zone – V, is under the overall guidance and supervision  of Directorate of Research and being carried out  at Agricultural Research Station, Agricultural Research Sub Stations and college campuses of the university.

The DOR is headed by,  Director Research, he has a team of scientists drawn from different disciplines to assist him, in planning, coordinating, monitoring and evaluating the research work.  The research activities being carried out  at Agricultural Research Station, is coordinated by the Zonal Director Research. In addition to research, the DOR is also engaged in seed production at the Mechanized Agricultural Farm, Agricultural Research Station, Agricultural Research Sub Stations at Aklera & Khanpur ,and all the  KVKs of the university.


  • To plan, coordinate and monitor the need based agricultural research.
  • To develop appropriate production technologies for sustainable production.
  • To coordinate and monitor the seed production programme.
  • To develop linkages with national and international organizations for research on various aspects.
  • To extend consultancy services.

The major research work is being carried out under the overall guidance of Director of Research on Agricultural Research Station, sub-stations and college of Horticulture and Forestry, Jhalawar (CH&F).