Research Projects

A. All India Coordinated Research Projects

  1. AICRP on Irrigation Water Management
  2. AICRP on Soybean
  3. AICRP on Rice
  5. AICRP on Pigeonpea
  6. AICRP on Integrated Farming System
  7. AICRP on Potato
  8. AICRP on Chickpea
  9. AICRP on Linseed
  10. AICRP on Sugarcane
  11. AICRP on Arid Zone Fruits (located at CH&F,Jhalawar)
  12. AICRP on Mustard
  13. AICRP on Honeybee

B. Voluntary Centres

  1. AICRP on Spices

C. Adhoc Projects

  1. Automatic Weather Station for disease forecasting
  2. State level Bee Keeping center and establishment of Hi-tech laboratory for Bee pests diagnosis and pesticides residue analysis of honey and its products.
  3. Genetic enhancement of legumes like, pea, rajmash, horsegram and dhaincha to elevate / accelerate productivity in Rajasthan
  4. Development / identification of stress tolerant improved varieties of pulses to elevate / accelerate productivity in Rajasthan
  5. Genetic enhancement of lentil for earliness, disease resistant and higher seed yield