Department-wise faculty position:


Name of Department

Name of Faculty


1 Department of Fruit Science Dr. Jitendra Singh Professor & Head
Dr. Virendra Singh Professor
Dr. P. Bhatnagar Assistant Professor
Sh. Nirmal Kumar Meena Assistant Professor
2 Department of Vegetable Science Dr. I.B. Maurya Professor & Head
Dr. (Mrs.) Kavita A. Assistant Professor
3 Department of Floriculture & Landscaping Dr. Ashutosh Mishra Professor & Head
Dr. Assistant Professor
4 Department of Post Harvest Technology Dr. Professor & Head
5 Department of Silviculture & Agroforestry Dr. S.B.S. Pandey Associate Prof. & Head
Dr. Prahlad V.C. Assistant Professor
Dr. Navale Mansi Rajendra Assistant Professor
6 Department of Forest Biology & Tree Improvement Dr. P.S. Chauhan Associate Prof. & Head
Neetha P Assistant Professor
7 Department of Forest Product & Utilization Associate Professor
Dr. Kanica Chauhan Assistant Professor
Sh. Bhuvnesh Nagar Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
8 Department of Basic Science Dr. Ashok Kumar Assistant Professor (Biotech)
Dr. Bhuri Singh Assistant Professor (PBG.)
Dr. Hemraj Chhipa Assistant Prof. (Micro Bio.)
Vacant Assistant Prof. (Ext.Edu.)
Assistant Prof. (Seed Tech.)
Dr. Anil Kumar Gupta Assistant Prof. (Plant Phy.)
Assistant Prof. (Eco.)
Dr Priyanka Solanki Assistant Prof.(A.B.Manag)
Assistant Prof.
9 Department of Natural Resource Management Er. C.K. Arya Assistant Prof. (Engg.)
Sh. Vinod Kumar Yadav Assistant Prof. (soil sci.)
10 Department of Plant Protection Dr.  Suresh Kumar Jat Assistant Prof. (Ento.)
Sh. Ladhu Ram Assistant Prof. (Patho.)
Sh. Hanuman Singh Assistant Prof. (Patho.)