Variety Released


Varieties :Recommended for Kota, Bundi, Jhalwar & Baran districts (Zone V)


JS 93-05, MAUS 81, JS 97-52, JS 95-60, Pratap soya 1, Pratap soya 2, Pratap raj soya 24, Pratap soya 45


Mahi Sugandha, PHB 2, Pusa Sugandha 4, Pusa Basmati 5, Improved Pusa Basmati 1, Pratap sugandh 1


Pratap Makka 1, PHEM 2, Pratap Makka 3, Pratap Makka 4


CSV 15


KU 96-3, Pant U 31, Pratap urd 1


IPM 02-03,PDM 139 (Samrat)


Raj 4037, Lok 1, GW 322, PDW 215, HI 1544, HI 1531, HD 2932, HI 8498


RD 2552


GNG 469, KAK 2, Pratap channa 1


JL 3, DPL 62, IPL 81


IPFD 99-13, IPFD 1-10, DDR 23


T 397, Jawahar 23, LCK 8528, Kiran, LMH 62, Meera, RL 914, Pratap alsi 1, Pratap alsi 2


RCr 684, RCr 480, Pratap raj dhania 1


Maya, Vasundhara, Aravali, Swarnjyoti, RGN 73


Kufri Bahar, K. Badshah, K. Pukhraj, K. Ashoka, K. Jawaha, K. Puskar, K.Khyati K.Garima, K. Chipsona 1, K. Chipsona 2, K. Chipsona 3


RF 101, UF 206


Co Pant 84211, Co 97015, CoSe 00421, Pratap ganna 1


G 50, G 323

Major Production Technologies Recommended :

  • System of rice intensification for input and water saving.
  • Intercropping systems chickpea + mustard (6:2) and linseed + chickpea (4:2) for limited irrigation conditions.
  • FIRB system for wheat + lucerne, BBF system for soybean, irrigation management technologies including drip irrigation in potato, coriander, garlic, onion and cabbage.
  • INM modules for lentil, rajmash, fieldpea, pigeonpea, linseed, sugarcane and pigeonpea + soybean, soybean, chickpea, wheat cropping sequence.
  • Weed management in rice, soybean, fieldpea, rajmash and wheat through post emergence application of herbicides.
  • Organic farming package for soybean-wheat and soybean-coriander cropping sequences.
  • Technology to prevent stunting in coriander.

Major Protection Technologies Recommended:

  • Integrated Pest Management modules for control of green semilooper, tobacco caterpillar & girdle beetle in soybean, pod borer in chickpea, bud fly in linseed, aphids in mustard and stem borer, leaf folders & hoppers in rice.
  • Integrated Disease Management modules for control of leaf & neck blast in rice, pod blight & bacterial pustules in soybean, Cercospora leaf spot, powdery mildew & leaf crinkle in mungbean, collar rot in lentil, linseed and chickpea, stem necrosis, black scurf & late blight in potato, alternaria blight in linseed and phyllody in sesame.

Seed Production :

  • Recognized as one of the major producers of breeder seed in the country.
  • Produces about 540 tons breeder seed of wheat, soybean, chickpea, rice, vegetable pea, coriander, mustard, fenugreek and linseed. 

Extension Education:

The Directorate of Extension Education (DEE) is the chief nodal agency functioning through its sub-units i.e. six Krishi Vigyan Kendra and in close co-operation with the constituent units of the University.

Training : Imparted fifty two trainings to trainers (138) and farmers (2296) under special programme on “scaling up of water productivity” and  four trainings to the farmers (200) under Tribal Sub Plan (TSP) by research scientists.

Laboratories and other units:

  • Soil testing laboratories at all KVKs
  • Plant health clinics at all KVKs
  • Bio pesticide laboratory at KVK, Kota produces 10 q Trichoderma annually
  • Organic pesticide unit (neem based) at Sawai Madhopur
  • Food processing unit at KVK, Kota and Anta
  • National Initiative for Climate Resilient Agriculture (NICRA) project at KVK, Kota


Farm and Area of KVKs :

Units/Farms Area (ha)
KVK, Anta 12.00
KVK, Bundi 37.57
KVK, Jhalawar 16.13
KVK, Karauli 20.25
KVK, Kota 44.00
KVK, Sawai Madhopur 16.40
Total                              146.35


Vocational Units:

  • Model nurseries, Vermi compost unit & Mother orchards at all KVKs
  • Medicinal plants museum and Low tunnel technology unit for vegetable crops at KVK Kota
  • Dairy unit at Kota and Bundi
नोडल अधिकारी

नोडल अधिकारी: डॉ. चिराग गौतम


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दूरभाष संख्या (O) 0744-2321205

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